Excellent year-round weather

Fuerteventura, with an average temperatura of 19º C in winter and 23º C in summer, has the warmert climate of any of he Canary Islands and also the greatest number of hours of sunshine.
The mild and constant temperatures are the resultat of the influence of the Cold Canarian Current.
The trade winds and the Cold Canarian current. The Trade Winds arise from the Azores anticyclone and carry moisture laden clouds, which are held up by the mountains of the Canaries at an altitude of 800 metres.
As Fuerteventura has no such elevation, excepting Pico de la Zarza at 807 metres, harvests little moisture and has a semi-arid climate.
The landscapes are tus very similar to tose of the nord of Africa, with distant horizons and sparse plant life.
The upper reaches of the Jandía Massif enjoy the larger part of the rainfall with around 250 to 300 mm per year while the coastal areas, where the clouds are more distant, hardly collect 100 mm.


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