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Pájara’s cuisine is a secret waiting to be discovered by the visitor. There is a wide variety of typical dishes prepared with local produce, including fresh fish, goat’s meat, gofio, tomatoes, potatoes and cheese; in contrast, and side by side, there is also a more creative tendency, preparing new dishes while using the same local produce.

Fish is generally prepared ‘sancochado’, fried, grilled or ‘on its back’ and is served together with a Fuerteventura tomato salad and typical Canarian potatoes with mojo sauce. Mojo is the typical Canarian sauce, of which there are two main varieties: green and red (spicy).

Of all the many varieties of fish, the best-loved are the viejas, along with tuna and mero, all caught off the coast of the island and sold through the ‘fishermen’s guilds’. Another delight are the limpets and mussels, served with mojo.

The local cheeses are made, according to the tradition of centuries, with goat’s milk and have a mild, full taste. The fact that the local cheeses are sold under an ‘appellation controllée’ system speaks volumes for the quality of the produce

Don’t miss one of our most famous dishes: the delicious ‘caldo de pescado con gofio amasado’.



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