Astronomical Observatory of Sicasumbre

A unique sky

The Astronomical Observatory of Sicasumbre is located between Pájara and La Pared, near the hamlet of Fayagua. It is part of the offer related to the declaration of the island of Fuerteventura as a Starlight Reserve, ideal for observing the stars given the great quality of the night sky of the majorera night.

The access path to the viewpoint is very well marked. It has a rest area with a wooden pergola, in addition to a large sign with the word ‘Fuerteventura’ accompanied by several sculptures of goats, works by the majorero sculptor Juan Miguel Cubas.

There is a scale model of the solar system, so that visitors can see and identify planets in the sky. It also has stands for fans to install their own telescopes and photographic equipment.
The viewpoint of Sicasumbre is also a perfect place to approach during the day and enjoy incredible landscapes such as Montaña Cardón, the Natural Park of Jandía, Montaña Hendida and the Degollada del Viento.