Gran Valle – Cofete

303 m.

2 hours.

6,7 km.

Level of difficulty

Marked path

To reach the starting point of the route take the marked path from Cofete to Punta de Jandía, which starts at Morro Jable before reaching the port. About 500 meters after leaving the town’s cemetery on the right, already on an unpaved track, there is the car park from where the trail that goes up the Great Valley to the Cofete´s la degollada begins, at 343 meters of altitude. It coincides with the Natural Way PR-FV 55.

It is an arid landscape where, if we pay attention, we will be able to observe some specimen of Jandía cardón, an exclusive vegetal endemism of Fuerteventura, that from all over the world only grows in some of these southern ravines.
We continue through the interior of the valley towards the Casas de Gran Valle. Here the remains of an aboriginal village can be distinguished and whose original dry stone structures have been modified, given its housing and livestock reuse after the conquest.

Viewpoint between two coasts

From the top of the summit we will enjoy two incredible panoramas that more than justify the walk. To the east is Gran Valle and its perfect open U shape, so typical of arid territories where rainfall has a powerful erosive effect. To the east there is a spectacular Cofete arch, remains of the gigantic gravitational landslide that swept the great peaks that crowned this area about 14 million years ago. We can also see the immense Barlovento beach, considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

After passing la degollada, always very windy, we will descend to the very shore of a sea as beautiful as it is dangerous. We leave Winter houser on the right and continue down to the houses of the small town ofCofete. We conclude the tour in Cofete Beach, of extraordinary natural beauty, where you cannot leave without visiting its modest cementery almost buried in the sand.

Practical cases

The entire route from the exit car park to the beach in the vicinity of the cemetery is about seven kilometers

You can return in your own vehicle on the earth track that connects Cofete with Morro Jable if before we have been careful to leave a second vehicle there

It is also possible to return back on the same footpath.

Another possibility is to make use of the of-road bus service that the natural park has, but it is recommended to make sure before your schedule at the Tourist Office of Morro Jable.