Jandia Beaches

Transparent and calm waters

Matorral beach

Playa del Matorral constitutes an enormous coastline of golden sand, protected by the Macizo de Jandía from the strong northerly winds. Due to the tranquility and cleanliness of its waters, it has exceptional qualities both for bathing and for basking in its warm sun, also offering the opportunity to do a multitude of water sports, including diving, catamaran sailing, boat trips. or the practice of the king sport of Fuerteventura, windsurfing.

In the upper part of the beach, a peculiar salt marsh ecosystem develops where plant species are adapted to periodic flooding from the sea. Due to the importance of this community, the area has been declared a Site of Scientific Interest by the Canarian Law of Natural Spaces.

Being located in front of the Solana Matorral urbanization, it enjoys various additional services, such as hammocks with umbrellas and endless nearby restaurants.

Esquinzo-Butihondo beach

Esquinzo is a tourist urbanization born a few years ago around a beautiful blonde sand beach. Among the hotels it has, it is worth mentioning the Hotel Escuela Municipal.

Its sports offers include tennis, windsurfing and catamaran sailing.

Likewise, it has various restaurants where you can savor the excellent range of typical Canarian dishes or select international food.

Barranco de los Canarios Beach

Los Canarios beach is located at the mouth of the ravine of the same name.

It lacks any type of infrastructure, therefore having a wild and calm character.

Circular stone constructions, as small shelters, are used by visitors to protect themselves from the wind.

It is made up of sand and rocks that the tide occasionally washes ashore, especially in winter. It is accessed through a dirt track approximately one kilometer long.

Sotavento beach

Playa de Sotavento forms a chained set of successive and paradisiacal beaches. Kilometers of golden sand extend along a coastline bathed by crystal clear and calm waters.

The term leeward means ‘opposite place from where the wind blows’. That is why these beaches are free from both the influence of the sea currents from the north and the strong trade winds, enjoying excellent conditions for bathing.

Some stretches of the coastline are up to sixty meters wide between the beginning of the sand and the coastline. This is the case of Playa de la Barca, whose seductive beauty makes it a must-see. For several consecutive years, tests of the Windsurfing and Kiteboarding World Championships have been held there, being the best reference of the exceptional qualities it possesses for the practice of this sport.

La Pared

The Isthmus of the Wall is an elongated strip of land that connects the Jandía Peninsula with the rest of Fuerteventura. Its width is approximately 4 to 5 kilometers at its narrowest segment.

The entire surface is covered by an enormous field of dunes that remain in constant movement thanks to the thrust of the trade winds. These move the sand from the west coast (windward) to the east coast (leeward).

Due to the instability of the substrate and its semi-desert characteristics, few plant species are capable of surviving in these conditions. Even so, gorse, hawthorn and sea grapes proliferate in this formation.

Costa Calma

It is the second most important tourist urbanization in the municipality. Its infrastructure includes a wide range of accommodation with more than 7,000 beds distributed between hotels and apartments.

Restaurants, nightclubs and shopping centers are also present, as well as various sports facilities where you can practice windsurfing, diving and tennis.

It has a splendid white sand beach of considerable length. Calm and transparent waters.

Hammock services, bars and restaurants are available on the beachfront.

La Lajita beach

La Lajita is a small town located on the Sotavento coast that barely has a thousand inhabitants.

Its economy is fundamentally based on fishing, an activity that is combined with livestock and agriculture.

In recent years, taking advantage of the tourist development of nearby areas, many of its inhabitants have seen a solid job opportunity in this sector.

The town has a small beach, which depending on the season of the year may or may not have stones.

Different restaurants offer the visitor exquisite typical dishes, essentially based on seafood.