Jandía Natural Park

A dream of wild nature

The Jandía Peninsula is a dream of wild nature, of surviving the harsh conditions of an arid climate that encloses the majesty of the Jandía Natural Park. Here we can see different ecosystems that are hidden behind the organic sand dunes ‘Jable’. Runners such as the ‘Hubara’, adapted plants such as the ‘Caparro’, reptiles such as the ‘Perinquén’, and mammals such as ‘Hedgehog’. This area also has other illustrious visitors such as Gray Herons, Egrets, Spoonbills, Ibis, Marabus, etc.

This is Jandía, the coastal Jandía, the Jandía of dunes and beaches, but its Natural Park has more secrets in store for us. Its peaks, with a maximum height of 807 m, are covered, during a large part of the year, by a sea of clouds, creating a humid microclimate that gives shelter to more than twelve endemic plant species, including the ‘Magarza’ and the ‘Tajinaste de Jandía’. Birds of prey, such as the Buzzard, the Eleanor’s Falcon, the Lesser Kestrel and some nocturnal birds such as the Coruja have chosen the Park as their habitat. Scavengers such as the Guirre, an endangered species, can also be seen flying over its ravines.