La Zarza Peak

The Roof of Fuerteventura

The route coincides with the PR FV-54 short-distance trail of the Red de Caminos Natureles and allows you to reach the highest point on the island of Fuerteventura, the Pico de La Zarza (807 metres). It is a simple but steep walk, which between going up and going down can take about five hours.

The route can be started on the promenade or from any of the many hotels in this tourist town, although to facilitate access we recommend starting right at the beginning of the unpaved track that runs between the two hotels, the Jandía Club and the Jandía Playa. to the right of a large water reservoir. If we do not leave it, we will reach the summit without any problem, since the path is well marked with informative posts every certain distance that indicate the distance traveled and the distance that remains.

765 m.

5 hours 30 minutes

6,8 km.


Majorera Summits

Along the trail you can enjoy excellent panoramic views of Morro Jable and the Vinamar ravine. About 200 meters before reaching the top, you cross a metal fence. Only at this point does the path become steeper, although it is still just as easy to climb.

We are at the peak of La Zarza or Los Ingenieros, located in the center of the Jandía mountain range. A short distance from it is to the northeast the peak of Mocán, 792 meters high, and to the southwest the peak of La Palma, whose summit reaches 741 meters. They are the three roofs of Fuerteventura.

At the top, the views towards the Cofete arch and the Barlovento beach are impressive. If the fog allows us, because the sea of clouds pushed by the trade winds is very frequent here, especially in summer. This peculiarity has important consequences for the vegetation, as it provides shade and humidity that allows the development of the last remains of the dry laurel forest, a fragile relict Majorero forest, on the steep cliffs that the goats do not reach.

Practical information

The return is made by the same path to the starting point. As there are no fountains or shaded areas, it is advisable to bring plenty of water, a hat and sunscreen.

Before starting the ascent, check that the clouds do not cover the top, which will prevent you from enjoying the panoramic views.

Upstairs it can be cold, windy, or covered in fog. Don’t forget to bring a warm jacket just in case.