Punta de Jandia lighthouse

The Punta de Jandía lighthouse came into service on December 1, 1864 and was built to facilitate the landing of ships that were heading to West Africa from the Peninsula and for the fishing boats that fished on the neighboring African coast.

It also serves as an orientation for cabotage traffic between Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria. It was traditionally considered one of the most isolated and inhospitable lighthouses in the Archipelago.

Its interior houses the Centro de Interpretación del Parque Natural de Jandía. Its different rooms are distributed along five zones differentiated by colors according to the different exhibition contents:

  • Zone 1 (orange room): Geology of the Jandía Natural Park.
  • Zone 2 (green room): Vegetation and flora.
  • Zone 3 (grey room): Audiovisual Room.
  • Zone 4 (blue room): Terrestrial and marine fauna.
  • Zone 5 (brown room): Intended for information on maritime signals and the Punta Lighthouse.