Morrojable CarnivalsLa Lajita and PajaraMarchRooted pagan festival in the Canary Islands. Dances, galas and cavalcades
Nuestra Señora de FátimaTarajal de Sancho13 MayReligious festival of catholic dedication
Nuestra Señora del TanquitoCardónEnd of MayReligious festival with a pilgrimage to the Cardón mountain. Offerings and popular barbecue
San Antonio de PaduaToto13 JuneReligious festival of catholic dedication
San JuanAjuy and Cofete24 JuneReligious festival of catholic dedication. Popular pilgrimage and barbecue
Nuestra Señora de Regla. Municipal HolidayPájara2 JulyReligious festival of catholic dedication.
Nuestra Señora del Carmen.
Municipal Holiday
Morro JableJuly 16Religious festival of catholic dedication. Seafaring pilgrimage
San BenitoLa Pared3rd weekend of JulyReligious festival of a playful nature – festive
La Carpa. Windsurfing ChampionshipSotavento beachBetween July and AugustBeach party, celebration of the World Windsurfing Championship. Daytime recreational activities and evening parties.
Nuestra Señora de ReglaPájara15 AugustReligious festival of catholic dedication
Cebada Beach Cultural WeekMorro JableLast week of AugustCultural beach party. Concerts, song festival.
Fiesta del Pulpitolittle port of the cross1st weekend of SeptemberPopular festival of a playful nature – festive
Santa MartaCosta CalmaOctober, penultimate weekendReligious festival of a playful nature – festive
Ntro. Sra. de la Inmaculada ConcepciónLa Lajita8 DecemberReligious festival of catholic dedication