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Good weather all year round

Fuerteventura, with an average temperature of 19º C in winter and 23º C in summer, has the warmest climate, as well as the greatest number of hours of sunshine per year in the entire archipelago.

The trade winds are generated in the anticyclone of the Azores and bring with them clouds loaded with moisture, which remain stagnant on the summits of the islands above 800 m in altitude.

Fuerteventura, as there are no such altitudes, except for the Pico de la Zarza at 807 m, practically does not benefit from its action, favoring a semi-arid climate. This environment forms a landscape very similar to North Africa, with broad horizon surfaces barely protected by a plant cover.

The highest levels of water are collected in the Jandía Massif, around 250 and 300 mm per year. In the coastal areas, where the clouds are further away, the precipitation hardly reaches 100 mm.