dunas fosiles ajuy

Fossil Dunes of Ajuy

The cliffs of Ajuy are a geology book. Above the banded rocks of the basal complex, the old raised beach and a lava flow, a field of dunes with sand from the sea was formed during the Pliocene.

Now converted into fragile calcarenite, in them more than one uneducated person with little respect for these jewels has taken the opportunity to record nonsense.

These dunes were formed during a cold period, a time when increasing ice at the poles caused a drop in the sea, revealing white sands formed by fragments of shells, shells of crustaceans and algae that the wind carried to land. indoors.

Geologists have identified up to four strips of consolidated dunes in this upper sector, separated by thin deposits of marine alluvium (conglomerates and sandstones) with fossils from almost five million years ago. These records show the alternation of periods of dry weather with others of very rainy weather.