Corredor Sahariano

Common name: Corredor sahariano

Scientific name: Cursorius cursor

Status: In the Red Book of the birds of Spain it is cataloged as “Endangered” and as “Sensitive to the alteration of its habitat” in the National Catalog of Endangered Species. The Canarian population, unique in Europe, is in decline.

Habitat and distribution: It breeds regularly only in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, where a total of 200 pairs are estimated. It frequents very dry open lands with hardly any vegetation, sandy or stony.

How to recognize it: Very easy to identify due to its tan color, long legs, stocky body, short and curved beak, long black stripe in the eye and white eyebrow.

Curiosities: In Fuerteventura it is known by the popular name of “fools boys” or simply “fools”, due to its habit of running ahead of the observer without taking flight. When someone tries to catch it thinking that it cannot fly, it finally does so without any problem, leaving the pursuer surprised.