Punta de Jandía

18 m.

4 hours.

12,4 km.

Difficulty level

Punta de Jandía is the most southwestern place in Fuerteventura. You will arrive there by a course that begins a little above the esplanade of the new port of Morro Jable. This course, which is paved in a small section to the cementery, branches later, croosing the rigth section of the road towards Cofete and following the left section to Punta de Jandía, where from Morro Jable it takes about an hour. The entire southwestern end is part of the Natural Park of the same name.

The are many ways to get know the nature of this more western coastal area of Fuerteventura. Making the entire proposed route can be somewhat tiring, because it is an area without shade and often beaten by the wind, but it also gives us the most complete view of the area.

We start at Jandía or el Puertito de la Cruz, and head north always bordering the coast. From the cantile you have a magnificent view of rugged coast, and in some places, small trails go down to the beaches that are interspersed.

We remind you that these narrow and steep foot trails they do not have have railings or othare safety elements, and bathing on the beaches should also be done with great caution.

Inland there is a wide sandy plain with low vegetation, which is completely missing from an old airstrip that runs along the runway, roughly at the height of Punta del Corralito.

Arriving at Punta Pesebre, the view can extend throughout the lonely beach of Cofete. Continuing along the coast, now heading southeast, we will finally arrive at Caleta de la Madera.

It is also feasible to go by bicycle or car and stop at various places to see the landscape or go down to one of the beaches. Further east of Punta del Pesebre the movement of vehicles is prohibited, nor is it allowed anywhere to leave the marked tracks.