Palm Grove of Buen Paso

Located in the heart of Parque Rural de Betancuria and halfway along the busy Las Peñitas trail, which connects the municipalities of Pájara and Betancuria. It appears cited in the chronicles of the conquerors Jean de Bethencourt and Gadifer de la Salle in 1402.
In addition to its historical interest, the uniqueness of this natural space lies in the purity of the fifty or so specimens of Canarian palm trees that it houses inside.
A European project has created a small botanical garden around it that identifies some of the most characteristic native species of the palm grove such as tabaibas, jorjados or almácigos, but also other rarer ones such as common scrub, cornical, marine rosemary, white-thorn asparagus, tabaiba bitter and sweet, sea buckthorn, almácigo, coronilla, Tasaigo, broom, tarajal or vinegar.